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WELLderBerry - Elderberry Syrup

WELLderBerry - Elderberry Syrup

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If sick take up to 5x's daily. If well, take up to 3x's daily 6 mos-1 vear: 0.5ml 3-5x daily

1-5: Take Iml 3-5x daily.

6-9: Take 1.5 mi 3-5x daily

10+ : Take 2ml 3-5x daily


Elderberry | Chamomile | Ceylon Cinnamon | Clove | Mullein | Vegetable glycerin| Distilled Water 

Enjgy Living a Toxic Free Lifestyle


Immunity booster,

Cold & Flu preventative, Reduce Cold & Flu symptoms


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Customer Reviews

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Last woman standing

My whole household was sick with something nasty. Me, my husband, and my 3 kids. I was the only one who took welllderberry and after 3 days, I was back on my feet! Now don’t get me wrong, I was still sick and mildly symptomatic, but I FELT so much better. My body didn’t feel like it was struggling to live lol. I still had a little cough, stuffy nose, and congestion. But it was mild compared to what it had been. But my body didn’t feel unwell, I was able to get out of bed and run my errands and do what I needed to do without feeling rundown. It was actually so weird because I knew I was sick. But I didn’t feel sick. Anyways, the rest of the family was still struggling. Haha. Don’t ask me why they didn’t wanna take some too. Their fault!

Tijuana Bess
The best immune booster for my entire family!

This stuff is the truth! I was able to sample the elderberry syrup at the ATL Women's expo and bought two bottles shortly after. I put it inside my morning smoothies every other day for me, my 5yr old, and my husband. This is the first winter we have all made it through without getting sick but here is the best part..... this is the first time my daughter has returned to school from a break, without bringing us all cooties! This is a preventative and immune booster, I swear by it!